Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hot brooke burke. Very good.

Hot brooke burke

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'm Over-reacting? WHAT TO DO IF YOUR BOYFRIEND ...? My long distance boyfriend of 3 years has a celebrity crush-Brooke Burke-I'm fine with b / ci know shes a hot mom, and trust me I am not a grudge on beauty. But all the time which will make a comment that I think is good to look through the phone when I'm watching television, she tells me to do, and becomes angry and jealous. One night we were together on the phone and instant messaging brought up the topic about Brooke Burke, what really can dance on the TV show, and how she's top 3. I never say anything bad about it, b / c honestly I can not. But when I say that I like, says that man has nothing on me, im way better than him then goes to watch dancing with the stars, then tells me to do with him, and hes basically on the phone with me drooling for her, acting like he was her man! hes making ridiculous comments like WTF is that guy doing touch all time ?...& get your hands off her .. referring to her dance partner! and instant messaging like wow .. .. serious or relax, ill let you see it .. and says no, do with me .. so I just hung up the phone, text and tells me to vote for her 3405, then make it sound like he was joking. I mean Im not the jealous type at all, and I know he likes me to be from time to time. but thats not want to end up like one of those crazy obsessed g / fs, instead he tells me .. baby, she, s just a celebrity, it doesn't mean anything to me following the revolt of a 1 Hot bod w / a flat stomach and 4 children, not just by phone but me! and as you can imagine. Until a certain point, I'm good with his attraction to her, but when they act as if they were together, and how she is sooo beautiful, it makes me feel he does not see me that way, so do not talk and say I'm jealous. But am I? OR DO I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE THE ONE ANGRY?! I even told how he felt, Im not a bottle of my feelings, especially why we get into arguments a lot, I said I was going too far, to act as if it were an element of dance and the couple was touching his girl. .. says I'm immature ... All this is stupid i know! ... more than someone who probably never meet in your life. But ladies ... I know we all felt like this time of either ... identification but love to have a Mans point of view.
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